How to pack for a Winter Trip(Carry On)

Many people think that you have to be well prepared for every possible case and packing light is impossible, especially in winter with too much bulky stuff. Right? Well, not necessarily. Below I give you some tips and visual ideas that I hope they can help you with packing light . Always check the weather... Continue Reading →

How to stay warm and cozy in winter

Hello people! Although this year it's pretty warm here in Greece (or at least in my place), it's almost Christmas Time! Nevertheless, in other places in my country and abroad the temperature drops dangerously so I decided to write about how I achieve this extra coziness ant warmth that I need, being myself a person... Continue Reading →

How to create a capsule wardrobe

Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well. Today's post is about style but in a more simple yet classy , comfy and practical way or at least this is my definition about Capsule Wardrobes. The concept: As a capsule wardrobe we call a small collection of clothes you truly use and that changes every... Continue Reading →

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