Top 10 Latin Ballads That Will Make You Fall In Love Again

Some people say that bolero style like romance, is eternal. I guess they are right. The reason is that despite the fact that many of the songs on the list below are quite old, they are still successful till the day. Whether it's about their rhythm or their lyrics, boleros will never grow old. Actually,... Continue Reading →

My favourite Boleros(Singer and Songs) of all time

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog. This post comes as a continue of this previous music post in which I explain a little my musical background. Today, I'll talk about my favourite boleros singers, as the title says, and I'll add many of their songs.Not all boleros singers are spanish speaking but here,... Continue Reading →

The power of Mexican Music.

Since a very young age I loved singing and listening to music. Generally, I liked (almost) every kind of music but I had a special interest in ballads and slow tempo music eventhough I could listen from rock of 70's- 80's( Dire Straits, Eric Clapton) to Shakira's and greek traditional singers'songs. When I was still... Continue Reading →

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