10 Things Every Music Lover Will Relate To

Undoubtedly, music plays a great role in our life . Whether you are a professional musician or an amateur one, even if you like singing or listening to music at home, you can totally agree: music is more than just a hobby as it affects positevely our mind and our body. Let’s have a closer… Continue Reading →

How to Get Rid of an Acne Breakout

I know. For many people it can sound like a weird post idea especially for those who haven’t experienced a single acne breakout.But acne sufferers can totally relate to this post, I think.And how it could be the other way round? Dealing with acne and other skin disorders is not an easy process requiring a… Continue Reading →

How to Dress For Cold Weather

To tell the truth, it was unusually cold here in my town these 3 days. Therefore, many locals had to deal with cold and how to dress properly. If you live in a pretty cold and snowy place or you feel cold and struggle to get warm all the time, then this post is for… Continue Reading →


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Hi, I’m Aspa, a greek passionate language learner and creator of this blog. I also like sharing my love about style,mexican music and useful tips and tricks that make our life easier.So here, you will find ,as my logo says, posts about fashion, music, lifestyle and more like home remedies and acne skin care . Welcome!

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