5 Autumn/Winter Staples for a Classic Wardrobe

Finally November, the last month of autumn has come! That said, we always have to be prepared choosing to wear basic, practical and high quality pieces that can last many seasons. So today, I present you 5 basic garments that in my opinion should not be missing from any women’s wardrobe!

Black trousers/black jeans

Probably the most versatile piece in every woman’s wardrobe. You can style it with sweaters, shirts,blouses or cardigans. The black trousers option is a little bit formal as it’s normally used to create office looks most of the times. However, you can perfectly wear it for a weekend walk in the city or a night out dinner, styled with a fancy top.

Below I give you 1 option for a classic pair of black trousers and another one for a pair of black jeans.

Cigarette trousers(h&m)
Black push up jeans(celestino)

Note: Just make sure that are comfortable and stretchy enough to put your thermals underneath in case it’s very cold!

Ankle boots

Another versatile piece for a Classic Wardrobe is this style of boots. A comfy pair of black ankle booties goes well with everything. You can wear it in the office with classic trousers and a blouse, for a casual every day look with jeans and a shirt, with leggings and a long sweater or with tights and dresses or skirts for a dressy look. It is very important though to mind the quality over the quantity. Of course, it has to be a great looking pair of boots but it also has to be well made and comfortable.

Chelsea leather boots(Tamaris)

A puffer/ leather jacket

For most of the climates a leather jacket is a must have during autumn as it can be styled in so many ways from day to night. However, if you live in a place with cold autumns or you just want it only for winter, a good puffer jacket(with some insulation), should be your choice. Although is not the most ‘stylish’ option, a lightweight yet warm, fitted and waterproof puffer in black or dark blue will complete your winter outfit.

McKinley Women’s Puffer Jacket

Leather Women’s Jacket by Esprit

Merino wool sweater

A merino wool sweater is an excellent piece not only for the warmth it provides but also for the luxury it adds to the outfit. It’s definately lightweight and packable(ideal for cold weather travels), and a natural fabric that tends to retain odors and last longer than the polyester and acrylic ones for example. Just make sure to opt for a basic color in order to go with everything in your closet. Camel grey, black or even red are great options. Consider also that you have to wash it carefully following the washing instructions.

If you want to know more about merino wool fabric and why is that good during cold weather, click here

Red Crew Neck Sweater in Merino Wool(Benetton)

A stripes tee

Last but not least, don’t forget to add a stripes tee among your autumn/winter staples. Who said that a stripes long sleeve tee can only be used during spring or summer? Definately it’s a must have all year round. In autumn, perfect underneath a jacket , and in winter goes well when layering especially styled with blue/dark wash jeans.

Striped 3/4 sleeve t-shirt

*Note: The items I present are almost identical with those I own as seen in the featured image. For other items I provided links with quality pieces as well. Anyway, the aim is just to give you a visual idea and not to make you click and buy them. If combined smart, with a little help of accessories( a leather belt or a sterling steel necklace), you can have an elegant and stylish outfit without effort.

What about you? How you usually choose your outfits for cold weather? Do you go shoppinh when really need an item or are you mostly an impulsive buyer? If you liked the post or have more tips to add, please feel free to like, comment ,and share!

Thank you for reading!

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