5 Tips That Help Against DS

Not so long ago I wrote about my DS skin care routine and my ”weapons” against acne breakouts .Now, I give you 10 tips that usually work well not only with DS but also with common acne.

1. Following a healthy diet is a must

If someone would ask me the first condition that affects acne and every skin disorder, I would definitely say that the diet we follow is the No 1 responsible. Of course for every skin and other disease there are many factors that contribute such as hormonal changes and hereditary factors but one thing is for sure. Following a healthy diet is in our hand.

As Erica Julson from Healthline states, recent research shows that diet can play a significant role in our acne. Consuming foods like pasta, white bread, sugar, dairy, trans fats ( like french fries,fried chicken,popcorn, donuts) raises our blood sugar and consequently the risks of acne.

On the other hand, foods that are low in sugar( low- glycemic foods) like legumes, unprocessed fruits and vegetables are beneficial for the skin.Especially tomatoes, spinach and oranges, are believed to help with the acne.

My experience

I have to confess that during my adolescence, my nutrition was very bad. I was constantly eating all that food I shouldn’t. Because of my full schedule, my diet consisted mainly of fast food and a lot of refined sugar foods. As a consequence,along with wrong DS medication, my DS was at its peak. A lot of clogging pores, sebum and redness that wouldn’t leave until I made a decision. I had to change my dietary habits as soon as possible. At first, I had to cut down refined sugars (ice cream, chocolate, muffins) and fast food. Now, after many years I try to reduce dairy as much as I can even if I struggle.I almost replaced sweets with dry fruits and I love eating fish like tuna and salmon.Even if there is not a clear evidence that chocolate triggers a breakout, I find that sometimes is a reason for one.I also try to hydrate myself by drinking plenty of water as it is just as important and even more than following a healthy diet. But during these years I have put effort and I see great results. I continue with breakouts -hopefully they are not so many like before, and I am thankful for this.

2. Choose the right products for your skin type.

DS(Dermatitis Seborrhoeic) sufferers know very well that finding medication and cosmetics exactly for our skin type is a difficult process. On one hand the skin appears oily and on the other, dry, itchy and red. Whenever I tried a cream for oily skin, it turned dry and dehydrated while whenever i used for dry skin, it turned oily. Well, the truth is that there aren’t many choices for DS cremes or gels out there but these ones for sensitive skin or those that contain zinc and are fragrance and alcohol free, probably will help. I actually have one as a moisturizer. For the scalp, there are few DS shampoos but if there is not the possibility to buy one, it is recommendable to depend on a conventional dandruff shampoo although it’s not that effective. (Below you can see my choice of products from the brand La Roche Posay)

3. Skip make-up

Going make up free? Why not? DS can be stubborn and sometimes make up seems the only solution. But believe me it’s not. I have not used make up for months and the change is noticeable. The face seems more clean without oiliness and clogging pores. Just make sure to user your moisturizer and sunscreen.

4. Keep your face clean eventhough is sensitive.

All you have to do is keep the dirt away.That means that you have to wash it daily at least 1 time and of course stop touching it especially with dirty hands. Because in that way you can protect yourself from getting a respiratory infection and an acne breakout.

5. See a dermatologist

If DS resists and you can’t find relief, you should get to see a dermatologist. Although these tips may be helpful, a medical advice is needed. Do not hesitate to take various advice.Every skin is different and unique and you must treat it like that.

I hope you found this post helpful and like always I am looking forward about your tips and thoughts .

Thank you for reading!!!

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