A Comfy Spring Capsule Wardrobe(Visual Idea)

I know it’s a pretty long time since my last post here but few things happened during all this time. However, I think it’s time for a spring capsule wardrobe even in some places it’s quite cold right now and it seems more like wintertime.

Well, first of all, it all depends on the weather and the climate of our place. If for example, it’s still cold for springtime, we should keep more winterclothes in our wardrobe; while if it tends to get pretty hot for springtime, we should add some summer clothes. I usually do a mix of winter and summer clothes as our climate is a bit unsteady. I for instance, keep still 2 to 3 fine sweaters for the colder days but the most clothes are fine long sleeves and some T-shirts as well.

Remember: in a capsule wardrobe you always have to incorporate basic and good quality pieces in neutral colors so you can mix and match the most possible.

Below I show you some basic pieces, just to inspire you for a spring capsule wardrobe and how you can style them!

*Since this year it’s more about cozy and comfy style, I decided to incorporate more relaxed pieces for casual and comfortable outfits.I also opted for pastel colors like pink and baby blue which by the way is my favourite and I think is perfect for spring as well.

What about you? How you create your spring wardrobe and style your outfits? Which color do you prefer? I would love to read your thoughts!

More posts like this are coming!

Thank you for reading!

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