Top 10 Latin Ballads That Will Make You Fall In Love Again

Some people say that bolero style like romance, is eternal. I guess they are right. The reason is that despite the fact that many of the songs on the list below are quite old, they are still successful till the day. Whether it’s about their rhythm or their lyrics, boleros will never grow old. Actually, when it comes to music tastes, this genre is a classic option not only for Cubans and Mexicans* but also for all the people around the world( no matter their nationality, age and gender).

  • Bolero is originated in Cuba but became popular in Mexico.

Perfídia-Javier Solís

Perfidia is an old song(1939) about love and beytrayal written by Alberto Domínguez. It has been recorded by various artists like Xavier Cougat,Los Panchos, Lupita Palomera, and Andrea Bocelli. The rendition of Javier Solís though is till the day among the best. There is also an English arrangement of the song by the Princeton Nassoons, Princeton University’s oldest group.

Los dos-Los Panchos

Los dos is a classic romantic song written by Simón Lan and sang by the Trío Los Panchos. Actually, it is included on the album”The Bolero Anthology with Mari Trini” among other famous songs like Piel Canela, El Reloj, and Nosotros.

Sabor a Mí-Los Panchos with Eydie Gormé

Sabor a Mí is a bolero written by Álvaro Carillo. It became popular though by the Trío Los Panchos who sang along with North American singer Eydie Gormé in 1964. Besides Los Panchos and Eydie Gormé, other renditions of the song do exist like Luis Miguel’s, Armando Manzanero’s and Manoella Torres’s.

Noche de Ronda-Agustín Lara

Noche de Ronda was written by one of the best Mexican interpreters and composers of all time, Agustín Lara in 1935. Elvira Ríos, sang the song in 1937, in the film ”Esos hombres” while Pedro Vargas, and Eydie Gormé with Los Panchos followed her.

Cien Años- Pedro Infante

Cien Años is a famous bolero about love and indiferrence written by Rubén Fuentes and Alberto Raúl Cervantes González. The first rendition and the most popular until today is by Pedro Infante . Of course more singers have sung this song like Chamín Correa, Yolanda del Río and Selena.

Dos Gardenias-Buena Vista Social Club

Dos gardenias is a bolero written in 1945 by Cuban composer and pianist Isolina Carillo. Eventhough it became a hit for Daniel Santos thanks to Sonora Matancera in 1948, it wasn’t until 1996 when it became popular worldwide with Ibrahim Ferrer’s rendition with the Buena Vista Social Club collective. Another recordings are those with Avelina Landin and Antonio Machín.

Eternamente-Los Dandys

Eternamente is a love song-bolero written by Carlos González and sang by the Trío Los Dandys. Another great rendition of the song is by the Mexican singer, Estela Nuñez.

Gema-Los Dandys

Gema, a romantic song written by Luis Cisneros and sang by Los Dandys in 1957. Gema has been also recorded by several artists such as Javier Solís, Vicente Fernández, and Carlos Cuevas.

Besame mucho- Andrea Bocelli

Besame mucho( kiss me a lot), a classic romantic song written by Mexican songwriter Consuelo Velázquez, is considered one of the most poplar boleros of all time . There have been various versions of this song from Trío Los Panchos and Xavier Cougat in (1945), to Plácido Domingo and Cesária Évora. Andrea Bocelli’s version though, is considered one of the best.

Historia de un amor-Guadalupe Pineda

Historia de un amor(a love’s story), is about a man’s suffering after his love disappeared. It is the most popular song to be translated and sung across the world in various languages by singers from continents such as Europe, Asia, America, and Africa. The song is also part of the 1956 Mexican film of the same name starring Libertad Lamarque. This song has been sung by various artists such as Luz Casal, Los Panchos, Los Paraguayos, Diego El Cigala, Nana Mouskouri, Ana Gabriel and II Divo to name a few.

If you have any concerns about the list or other questions and comments , please let me know!

Thank you for reading and enjoy listening!!!

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