10 Things Every Music Lover Will Relate To

Undoubtedly, music plays a great role in our life . Whether you are a professional musician or an amateur one, even if you like singing or listening to music at home, you can totally agree: music is more than just a hobby as it affects positevely our mind and our body. Let’s have a closer look on 10 true facts about music lovers.

1)Singing everyday

I think it’s something totally true. Since I remember myself, it hasn’t gone a single day without singing. During the day, I sing every kind of music doing whatever. From cooking to cleaning and taking a bath. Even if I’m angry or stressed, I sing. The only time I avoid singing is when I study, for obvious reasons.

2) Feel totally related to a song

Sometimes, you like listening to a song because of the rhythm but others it seems that the song was written for you. I mean there are times when you feel identified with that song as you compare it with various circumstances in your life , usually with your relationships with other people.

3)Certain songs get stuck in your head

It’s pretty much similar to number 2. A good rhythm can make you love a song , no matter the lyrics. As a result, you keep singing it various times a day and it usually lasts from a few days to weeks.

4) When listening to music the time flies so fast

Whether you are listening to your mobile phone music playlist or you are on Youtube or Spotify, the time moves soo fast! How many times have I started with a playlist and Youtube has recommended me a few more once again ? Anyway, it seems that has no end sometimes.

5) A pair of headphones is a must

Even if you are at home or on the go, a pair of headphones or earphones with a microphone is your to go gadget. I feel you! You just can’t spend your day without listening to a single song.

6) Silence is everything

There comes a time, when the only thing you want is staying at home alone , chilling on your sofa, listening to music. Of course without distractions like phone ringings and traffic noises or dog barkings. I got you.

7) Music is always there

Even when everything seems dark around you , when you think you have lost your hope , music like a true companion is always there for you. It makes your days brighter and heals the pain.

8)Making friendships through music

Music can definitely connect people from all over the world. As music helps you release your thoughts and your emotions, you are more likely to meet new people from another countries, especially if you share the same music taste. In that way, you get to know better different cultures and traditions to yours and you are able to make long relationships that last a lifetime.

9) Can’t choose a favourite song or artist

Well, when you just love music so much, it’s impossible to make a decision. You certainly prefer one kind of music over another but your number one? Maybe a top 5 it’s easier for sure.

10)You can’t understand the people who don’t like music

It sounds a liitle weird but it can happen. There are many different kinds of music and I respect it. That means that everyone has his/her preference over others. But seriously, how can people dislike music?

And this top 10 comes to an end…If you liked it, please feel free to share it or comment if you have more tips to add.

Thank you for reading!!!

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