How to Dress For Cold Weather

To tell the truth, it was unusually cold here in my town these 3 days. Therefore, many locals had to deal with cold and how to dress properly. If you live in a pretty cold and snowy place or you feel cold and struggle to get warm all the time, then this post is for you.

But first, let me tell you something important: When it comes to dress for cold weather, layering is key. Not only it protects you from the elements but also you avoid bulk and overheating indoors.

The first layer is usually a thermal top. You can either choose a long sleeve thermal blouse, preferably merino wool which is well known for its antibacterial properties, or go for a short sleeve/ sleeveless top. The last option is ideal for those who tend to overheat and sweat, especially indoors.

Over your thermal top, you can add a merino wool sweater or a fleece jacket for extra warmth ( as you can see in the example). Depending on how feel at the moment, but usually this could be your second layer.

Again, depending on the temperature and how cold or warm you feel, you can always add a vest. Then, over the vest (or if you wish ,you can always skip it),wear your go to winter jacket. It can be a down waterproof jacket, a ski fleece lined jacket, a puffer, or a parka. Short or long, it’s up to you . Personally, as I get cold all the time, I like going for a long waterproof jacket in order to have my bottom covered.

Then, it’s almost the same for the bottom . Opt for lightweight yet thermal leggings if you want to wear over them more layers like jeans. If you aren’t that cold, keep that area simple by wearing just fleece lined leggings.

For extra warmth and coziness or for severe cold weather, add a pair of hiking or ski trousers. You’ll instantly have both warmth and protection from the elements(rain/snow) as these materials are usually waterproof.

For a dressier option, switch the hiking/ski trousers to your normal ones or jeans. Sometimes, we’re wondering if it’s possible to wear a dress or a skirt when it’s freezing outside.. Well, while it’s not exactly the best option, it’s actually possible! You just have to layer with 2 or 3 fleece lined tights over your thermal leggings, and you’re ready!

Besides merino wool, another great fabrics suitable for cold weather, are cashmere and silk. All of them are very warm and repel moisture and odors. However, they are more expensive than merino wool. Cotton, eventhough is a great natural fabric, tends to lose its thermal properties because it easily absorbs water. Polyester, on the other hand, may be quite warm but it gets smelly quickly.

Moreover, when it comes to cold weather, winter accessories is a must. The boots must be warm and waterproof while scarves, warm socks, earmuffs and beanies, are needed as well.

Don’t forget to hydrate yourself by drinking plenty of water and make sure you eat enough in order to have all the energy you need during the day! Regarding skin care during the winter months, a moisturizer, a sun screen and a lip balm , is all that you need!

What about you? If you liked the post or if you have more tips to add about how to dress in winter time, please feel free to comment and share!

Thank you for reading!

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