My (DS) Skin Care

On my previous post, I explained a little about acne and skin disorders. I also talked about my dermatitis seborrheic (DS) experience. Today, I thought it was a good idea to write about which skin care products actually helped me to deal with the disease, hoping they can help others find relief as well.

First of all, a Calming Face Wash is a must to keep your face clean and fresh from the atmoshere pollution and other impurities during the day. Eventhough there are many cleansing gels that clean and remove the excess sebum, they completely dry out the skin. This Kelual Foamimg Gel by Ducray, I find that cleanses in depth without drying out my sensitive and itchy skin. Its innovative formula limits the proliferation of Malassezia yeast(the responsible for the disease). It is suitable for red, irritated skin with scales and sebum as it comes with an hypoallergenic formula with physiological pH and Zinc, without soap and fregrance. The brand claims that it can be applied to the body as well. I usually apply it on my face 1 time a day, preferably at night in order to avoid discomfort and itchiness.

The second product I use, normally after applying the Foaming Gel, is a soothing creme. The Kerium DS Creme by La Roche Posay is suitable for skins with flakes, redness and excess sebum. The truth is that I don’t use it every night as I don’t think I need it that often anymore . However, when it comes to breakouts, it’s definately my favourite soothing face creme as it removes redness and flakes effectively.

For an anti-dandruff shampoo, I am currently using the Nodé DS+ Shampooing by Bioderma. And I say ”currently” because the downsize with this type of shampoos is that it’s firstly an intensive treatment (3 shampoos per week) and then a maintenance treatment( 1 to 2 shampoos per week). Unfortunately, when it comes to an end, I have to switch to another one because I find that the yeast gets used to the treatment so it results uneffective. Anyway, comparing to similar shampoos from other brands, I find it quite effective until now as it relieves itching and flakes quite well.

The last product I want to mention, isn’t an exclusive product for DS but it’s the only cream I find that fits my skin. I’m talking about the Toleriane Sensitive Cream, a protective soothing moisturizer with prebiotics. Many moisturizers, especially if they are not exactly for my skin type, tend to dry out and irritate my face. But this cream instead, not only moistures my sensitive and intolerant skin but it also reduces the redness. The brand claims that it contains La Roche Posay Thermal Water, Vitamin B3 ,and it is suitable for babies as well.

I wanted to add a few tips that I learned during all these years:

Say no to hot baths: I know that especially during the winter time after a tiring cold day, the only thing you want is to take a hot bath. But hot water can worsen even more the disease as it tends to dry out the sensitive skin. I used to take hot baths as well but now I use only warm water even if it’s really cold outside.

Do not touch your face all the time: It’s something, indeed preety annoying. I know many people do it(including me), but the only thing we manage is to transfer dirt to our sensitive skin. Mouth, nose and eyes, are also the easiest pathways for viruses and bacteria to enter our bodies.

Healthy diet is everything: As I already mentioned here, no matter the amount skin care products you own, you have to follow a healthy lifestyle , adding to your diet lots of fruits and vegetables while cutting down sweets and greasy foods that most of the time trigger the breakouts. Regular exercise can help as well.

Important note: Everything I write here, is based exclusively on my personal experience dealing with DS. Therefore, eventhough I highly recommend home remedies as a way to control the symptoms and prevent the breakouts, sometimes a medical advice is required. This is also an honest and unpaid review for these skin care products that totally worth it.

What about you? I would love to read your thoughts regarding DS or other skin disorders and how you healed them!

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  1. Thank u for the article.! I will follow your advice and i’ll try the “Nodé DS+ Shampooing”..!


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