Let’s talk about Acne…

Nowdays, more and more young people, especially women, are suffering from acne. Studies have shown that an 85% of the cases regards Acne Vulgaris( the most common type of acne). It is said that in 2015, approximately 633 million people globally were affected by the disease mostly between the ages of 15 and 18 years. However, another types of skin disorders related to acne do exist like rosacea and dermatitis seborrhoeic or seborrohea (DS).


According to the GBD(Global Burden of Disease), the Western diet ( dairy products, meats, and high glycemic index foods like candies, sugary soft drinks, cakes,and sugary breakfast cereals may directly increase the development of acne. Another studies consider that smoking can play a role in acnegenesis but further research is needed. Stress, genetics ,and hormone changes are another possible factors as well.


The appearing symptoms in every person depend on the severity of their condition but generally one can come across from closed plugged pores to painful, pus-filled lumps under the skin. Besides the face, acne can appear on the chest, upper back and shoulders. We shouldn’t underestimate though, the emotional impact on the patients. Many of them usually suffer from depression, anxiety ,and suicidality many times along with their acne vulgaris.

My Experience

While my experience with acne started approximately at the age of 13 as a common type of acne(Acne Vulgaris), at the age of 16 it turned to a different type of acne with a red, grasy and itchy skin. After I saw various dermatologists and was told to buy a lot of expensive corticosteroid medications and other dermatological products which many of them worsened even more my skin, I seemed helpless. Since it’s been a long time , I only remember one physician after he saw me, telling I was a dermatitis seborrhoeic(DS) sufferer. That skin disorder caused by the yeast Malassezia, most known for the red, scaly, greasy skin. He of course prescribed me another products to buy but at least I knew somehow my condition what was about. While some of those products(shampoos) worked wonders on my skin, after a while ,I decided to stop the medication and investigate a little on my own instead.(They were pretty expensive but with little quantity supplied so they finished immediately). Then, I found out that for this skin disorder, there are few but very effective skin care products. At first, I was hesitant to give them a try because I had experienced irritation and itchiness by previous medications. Well, they worked pretty well on my skin and after several tries, I am now using 3 products especially for the disease. I don’t claim that I took the right decision. Maybe for other acne sufferers couldn’t work that well but during all these years I learned a few things:

  • The price tag doesn’t matter. Many affordable products can do perfectly the job. The important is to fit great to your skin because every skin is different. With the help of a dermatologist, you can understand and treat your skin better.
  • Following a healthy lifestyle is a must. When I was a teenager, I used to be a sugar lover. That means that my favourite snacks were chocolate cakes, croissants, and ice creams. That was probably the reason I was suffering so bad. When I decided to change my diet to a healthier one,(reduced sweets and greasy foods-incorporated fruits and natural herb teas), I saw my skin get better every time. Of course I am still a sufferer but now, I experience less breakouts.
  • Dry climates and temperature changes (from cold to hot and viceversa), I find that can trigger a breakout so it is vital to mind our skincare routine,drink plenty of water ,and skip makeup if needed. For that reason, in order to avoid irritation and itciness, moisturizing our skin is a must as well.

Afterall, dealing with acne and generally skin disorders, is neither the best that can happen to you, nor the worst. No matter your acne type or skin disorder, there are always ways that can help you reduce the symptoms or even get rid of them completely. Eventhough I highly recommend home remedies as a way to control the symptoms and prevent the breakouts, sometimes a medical advice is required.

What about you? Have you ever dealed with acne or other skin disorder and if yes, how you got rid of it? You can always share your thoughts here ,and if you liked the post feel free to share it!




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