How to Reset your Body after the Holidays

Holidays: This word is normally associated with fun, relax, and a lot of food. To clarify, I don’t say that we shouldn’t enjoy Holiday food but sometimes, especially after this period ,our body usually reacts to this situation with various symptoms. Below I give you 5 simple detox tips for a New Year fresh start.

1)Make small steps each time

If you feel bloated or that you have put some extra weight ultimately, think about making small changes every time and mostly be patient and realistic. For example, you can start your reset from drinking more water and generally liquids than before.

2)Don’t underestimate the power of nature

Nowdays, many people (including me), are struggling with digestive issues or IBS(Irritable Bowel Syndrome). That means they can experience frequent cramps and pain in the gut area. In this case, as I already mentioned here, natural herbs like peppermint or marjoram can be very helpful. Actually, it is well known they both battle against viral infections and digestive issues. Just 2 cups a day of peppermint or marjoram tea, ideally after lunch and dinner, help you debloat naturally. They also can relieve the feelings of anxiety and stress. Green tea, is another great option for detox. Furthermore, they’re super affordable in supermarkets and grocery stores(usually under 1 Euro the set of 10 tea bags).

3) Change your diet

I know. Holidays usually include heavy meals with mostly meat, and plenty of desserts with extra sugar. Eventhough they taste pretty good, they make us bloated with cramps and even nausea. So the best way to avoid this and take all the vitamins we need, is to incorporate into our diet a lot of fruits and vegetables ,and oily fish like tuna. We can also replace sweets and chocolate with dry fruits which are full of protein like almonds, nuts, and cashews. Oat meal is great as well when it comes to digestive problems.

4) Work out every day

Even if you try to follow a balnced diet, the truth is you do nothing if you don’t exercise. Believe me. Yoga and Pilates exercising at home or even a 30 min. walking outside, can work wonders!

5) Take good care of yourself

In order to keep up this healthy lifestyle, you need to make sleep part of your daily self-care routine. Remember that you have to sleep no less than 7-8 hours preferably going to bed early at night. In the morning, you’ll feel fresh and full of energy, ready to start your day.

Important note: Some advice I give, is based on my experieces with digestive issues. I mean that for someone else maybe won’t work that good so always call your doctor for a professional medical advice.

  • As always, I’m looking forward to seeing your thoughts about the post. If you have your own detox tips, please feel free to share them here. And if you loved the post, like it and share it as well!

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