What Have We Learned in 2020

In few minutes we say goodbye to 2020 and hello to 2021. But honestly, what we have learned during this year?Many people assume that this pandemic is a mind opening and a life changing experience . I guess they’re right.

First of all, the way we learn, communicate and travel( to name a few), have dramatically changed. In order to avoid as much as we can the human contact, which is why the virus spreads the most according to the scientists, we started using the Internet non stop. And eventhough for some people was the everyday habit, for others it was clearly something new. Regarding traveling, of course more and more people chosed and are choosing to postpone their plans at least for this year to protect their beloved ones. We isolated ourselves, we cut down shopping, celebrations, going to school, we stopped seeing each other face to face and much more. On the other hand, I think there are a few things we have learned.

To tell the truth, I feel that we have been conected more with our family. This year, not everyone had the opportunity to be with the family and the people he/she loves. I know that even many of us have lived for a while or during the whole lockdown, alone, sick, and helpless. And who wants to be alone for such a long period? Nobody. It does hurt. A LOT.

We also were able to value much more our health, in my opinion one of the most precious things in life. Many of us unfortunately weren’t that lucky. As I always state, if we take a good care of ourselves, then we have the strength we need to take care of others as well.

Last but not least, the pandemic teached us how to reschedule our life and pay attention to the smallest things. I mean, we can find now who and what we value the most. From our friends, colleagues, family, to a simple walk to the nearest park. Afterall, hapiness can be found in the most simple yet important things in our life. Right?

I wish you all wherever you are a happy 2021, full of health, joy, hapiness,faith, hope, patience and love!

What about you? Which are your thoughts about 2020 ,and what do you want to bring for you 2021?

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