My favourite Boleros(Singer and Songs) of all time

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog. This post comes as a continue of this previous music post in which I explain a little my musical background. Today, I’ll talk about my favourite boleros singers, as the title says, and I’ll add many of their songs.Not all boleros singers are spanish speaking but here, almost all the singers I’ll talk about, are Mexican.

Javier Solís

Gabriel Siria Levario, as his real name was, originally from Mexico City, was known also as the King of Bolero Ranchero( El Rey del Bolero Ranchero). Although he lived till the age of 34, he left a great legacy not only in singing but also in acting, as he appeared in more than 20 films working with such artists as Antonio Aguilar and Lola Beltrán. Solís was among the first artists who start singing in the style known as bolero ranchero. As a singer, he was a versatile interpreter singing from rancheras and boleros to corridos and tangos. His boleros were usually accompanied by mariachis.Till the day, he is considered along with Pedro Infante and Jorge Negrete as one of the greatest Mexican singers of all time. His velvet voice and passionate interpretations are a must for those who enjoy listening to boleros romantic music. Personally, I think he sounds great singing ‘‘Esclavo y Amo’‘, ”Perfidia’‘, ”Luz de Luna’‘ and ”Gema’‘.

Eydie Gormé

Eydie Gorme(born Edith Gormezano) originally from Bronx,United States, was a singer who had hits on the pop and Latin pop charts. During her lifetime, she also sang in swing and bolero,at first solo and then with her husband, Steve Lawrence. As Wikipedia states, in 1963, she reached the Top Ten in the U.S. with Blame it on the Bossa Nova”. The song earned her a Grammy Award nomination for Best Female Vocal Performance[8] and was certified gold after selling one million copies. The album Blame It on the Bossa Nova entered the Top 40 with four more hit singles during the same year. Two were recorded as the duo Steve & Eydie. “If He Walked Into My Life” was an Easy Listening hit in 1966 and earned her a Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. The song ”Sabor a mi” was the most successful of her collaboration with the Trio los Panchos. Danny Rivera was another singer with whom she collaborated in Spanish. Her melodic voice along with Trio los Panchos is considered a classic when it comes to boleros.

Los Panchos

The Trio Los Panchos formed in New York City in 1944 by Alfredo Gil, Chucho Navarro(from Mexico) and Hernando Avilés(from Puerto Rico), it is known as one of the most famous musical trios and leading exponents of bolero and the romantic ballad of all time. Los Panchos, who all of them played the guitar and contributed vocally, appeared in around 50 movies, mostly during the Golden Age of Mexican cinema. While their began their international tours in 1946, they relocated to Mexico City where they were welcomed with open arms. In 1952 Julito Rodríguez joined the group while he was replaced by Johnny Albino in 1958. In 1964, they accompanied the already successful vocalist, Eydie Gorme, and they recorded a serie of bestselling albums. In 1971, Ovidio Hernández joined the band as alead vocalist, followed by Rafael Basurto Lara. Alfredo Gil stayed until his retirement in 1981 and Chucho Navarro played until his death in 1993. Currently, the group is named Trio Los Panchos de Chucho Navarro Fundador (“Trio Los Panchos of Founder Chucho Navarro”) under the direction, of Chucho Navarro Jr, the son of original Los Panchos member Chucho Navarro. Their most famous songs till the day are Sabor a mí, Sí tu me dices ven , Piel Canela and Reloj to name a few. The Trio have influenced musically a lot of generations not only in Mexico but in the whole world. During the 60’s in Greece started appearing many Trios such as the Trio Kitara, Katsamba Brothers duo and Trio Belcanto, playing this slow tempo music style. As far as I know, Katsamba Brothers are active till the day.

Guadalupe Pineda

Guadalupe Pineda born in Jalisco, Mexico, is one of the most successful singers of Mexico and Latin America. Being herself a Latin Grammy Lifetime Acheivement Award winner and a multi-Latin Grammy nominee, she is also a lifetime language learner. Besides Spanish, she also has sung in English, Italian, French, and Hebrew. She reached fame in 1984, when she recorded the hit ”Yolanda”(”Te Amo”) ,selling more than 1.5 million copies. Although she has been called the”Queen of Bolero”, she has also sung ballads, mariachi, tango, and opera releasing more than 30 albums during her career. Regarding her tours, she has appeared in Spain, Italy, Ireland, United States, France, Colombia, Argentina, and of course Mexico. Pineda has also received gold and platinum certifications for some of her albums like ”Un Poco Más”(1986), ”20 Boleros de Siempre”(1990), ”Costumbres”(1991), and a double platinum certification for her album ”Arias de Opera”(2004). During her career , she has collaborated with great artists such as Pepe Aguilar, Linda Ronstadt, Lila Downs, Paquita la del Barrio, Carlos Cuevas, and Plácido Domingo. Her quality and elegance on stage make the difference. If I had to choose her best songs, I would definetely say ”Granada” and ”Lamento Borincano”.


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