Create Festive Outfits from Basic Pieces

It’s finally Christmas Time! I know, these Holidays will be different worldwide and maybe we cannot celebrate like we used to do but the important thing now is to stay healthy and safe together with the people we love, hoping for better days for all. Since most of us will stay at our home these festive days, we need comfy yet stylish outfits. Below you can see a few festive outfit ideas created mostly from basic pieces .

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The black dress

Oh yes. A black dress is a multiuse piece as you can dress up from day to night. If you want to keep it simple, wear it with flat boots. For special occasions combine it with fancy accessories and make up. For winter time, go for a black sweater dress.

Faux leather leggings/trousers

Faux leather leggings is a great piece for your wardrobe. Again, like black dresses you can wear it from day to night. Depending on your style preferences, you can combine them another great pieces. From sweatshirts and hoodies to sweaters and long shirts, the options are unlimited! Of course besides faux leather, simple classic leggings can work well too. They just have to be a little more dressier than the athletic ones.

The festive sweater

Who said that festive sweater can be only that one with Christmas trees, lights, and bows? You can perfectly create holiday outfits with red, black or green sweaters. Like always, pay attention to the small details like shoes, make up ,and accessories.

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