Ideas for Christmas gifts

When it comes to Christmas time, every year we tend to meet each other,go to the church, celebrate with family and friends and give them gifts. This year due to the Pandemic,many things have changed. However, a great gift can always bring joy and happiness, no matter the pricetag. It’s the thought that counts. Below, i give you a variety of options based on everyone’s preferences.

Music lover

For musicians/music lovers/voiceover actors, you could look for a professional equipment like an instrument or a microphone. For a more simple or affordable option, check out these pick up discs. Or if you wish, you can gift them a homemade CD with their favourite songs!

Book lover

For book lovers or for someone who definetely appreciates reading, a book is a great option. It could be a novel, a recipe book, a self care book or whatever he/she likes reading.

For Women

For women, a quality perfume usually is a great option and something you can’t go wrong. Another option could be a few accessories like a scarf, a beanie or a wallet. If she’s a make up junkie, then check out this pallete below.

For Men

For men, besides the classic choice of the perfume/after shave, accessories like a belt or a wallet are great too. If he loves travels, then this backpack could be very practical.

For the Family

Last but not least, I think that table games is a must not only for the kids but also for the whole family. From Monopoly to Uno, the options are unlimited.

I’m sure you will find the best! But with or without a present underneath the Christmas tree , the most important is to stay safe and healthy with the people you love!

*Note: The ideas are thought for Christmas Time but for birthdays and other special occasions work well too.

  • If you liked the ideas, let me know with a like, comment and share! I would like to know your own ideas too!

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