How to pack for a Winter Trip(Carry On)

Many people think that you have to be well prepared for every possible case and packing light is impossible, especially in winter with too much bulky stuff. Right? Well, not necessarily. Below I give you some tips and visual ideas that I hope they can help you with packing light .

Always check the weather before you pack

It is highly recommendable when you get prepared for your trip to check always the weather no matter the season. Mainly during the winter time, you are more likely to experience major temperature changes so you have to be well protected from the elements. You might need for example an umbrella or some weatherproof shoes like these:

Write a list with all the activities you’ll do there

You don’t need to be prepared for every possible case but you’ll have to be prepared exactly for what’s in your list. In that way you avoid overpacking with useless staff. For example, if you know that you’re going there for sightseeing, you’ll bring with you casual clothes or technical ones .Otherwise, if you get prepared for a business trip, bring some formal but comfortable clothes.

Important tip: No matter the amount of days you’ll stay in your destination, only pack for a week(comfy, warm, and stylish) . They’re enough clothes. After all, you can do laundry or just buy staff from there.

Pay attention to the fibers

In my place, when the temperature drops , we normally use our heaviest clothes thinking that they’ll keep us warm. However, it’s not always the case. Except the fact that heavy polyester sweaters are too bulky to fit in our suitcase, they will not protect us the same as some fine but warm enough merino wool sweaters.Plus, they will make us sweat and smell! In order to block the cold air , your clothes must be fine and fitted to the body offering warmth and repelling moisture and scents at the same time. For this reason, thin layers are a must. Depending on your activities and how cold it is, you can usually start from a long or short sleeve thermal. Apart from merino wool thermals, a mix of polypropylene, polyamide and elastane could work well too. Although cotton is a great natural fabric for summer, is not suitable for winter or cold places. In case of raining, thermals that contain cotton tend to lose their thermal properties. So back to the subject, you can put a wool /cashmere sweater over the thermal or a fleece jacket or a puffer vest and then your normal winter coat. This way, apart from giving you extra warmth outside, it’s also useful indoors when you can take off these extra layers protecting you from overheating.

Don’t forget to add your winter accessories like hats, scarves, beanies, gloves or whatever keeps you warm. Thermal shocks are also a must to keep your feet dry and warm.

Important tip: Put always your important and valuable staff in the backpack that comes with you on board, not in your suitcase. The last thing you want is to have a damaged or stolen suitcase with your valuables included.

Below you can have a visual idea about what to pack in a winter destination.

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