How to stay warm and cozy in winter

Hello people! Although this year it’s pretty warm here in Greece (or at least in my place), it’s almost Christmas Time! Nevertheless, in other places in my country and abroad the temperature drops dangerously so I decided to write about how I achieve this extra coziness ant warmth that I need, being myself a person who gets cold super easily.

If you have to choose, pick comfort over style

In a previous post I already mentioned that I am a more on casual, mostly athleisure type no matter the season. Especially during the winter time I want to feel both toasty warm and comfortable. I know. Fine long sleeves and jeans are more stylish but they aren’t warm and comfy enough. Fleece leggings and long hoodies are a must. For a more formal option, add some merino wool sweaters to your wardrobe. They are among the best materials for winter in terms of warmth and quality. Plus, they will add you no bulk. As for the bottoms, use your usual pants or fleece leggings and you’re ready to go! If you stay at home, apart from your sweatshirts and joggers, throw on a stylish robe or dressing gown. They’re super warm and they also give you this great style when at home.

Add some thermal clothes and accessories to your wardrobe

When you stay at home or you go out for a while and the temperatue drops, it’s not that big deal. But if you know that you’ll spend many hours out, using thermal clothes is a must. Proper and quality thermal clothes regulate body temperaturate, they’re naturally odor free , they can be used as underwear underneath sweaters or fleece jackets and finally they dry super quickly. Ok, they are usually not affordable but they worth every cent. Which are the best option ? The merino wool thermals. Then, you can add more layers like a merino wool sweater or a fleece jacket or a light puffer vest depending on how cold it’s outside. Don’t forget some basic accessories for the cold weather like hats, gloves, thermal shocks and mittens. As about your shoes, choose some weatherproof pairs of boots that could keep your feet both dry and warm.

Coziness at home

Eventhough you are more protected from cold staying at home, you can follow a few tips to feel even warmer. The first one is to install door draft stoppers. It is an affordable way to block cold air from coming indoors. Soft blankets are also a great way to feel warmth and coziness especially when you’re just laying in your sofa watching a movie or reading a book. Last but not least, don’t forget to chill with your favourite hot drink. This could be a cup of hot chocolate, a cup of green or peppermint tea or whatever you like. Enjoy!

If you liked this post please feel free to like it or share it with your friends. If you also know more tips about how to stay warm in winter time, just let me know in the comments below.

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